Our Services

At Noah’s Tire Shop our priority is giving customers the best service, quality products, and of course the best price in town! We have been under new management and have more than 15 years of experience in the tire and wheel industry. We specialize on finding the correct tires for any kind of customer, whether its looking for an off-brand or a name brand tire. Tire balance and rotation is an essential part on maintaining tires in a safe driving condition and our shop specializes in providing the best balance possible. Sometimes maintenance isn’t enough to keep your car working properly, San Diego has the worse roads and pot holes that can damage your original wheels and tires. Due to this reason many people have wheels that are unsafe to drive but thankfully we are here to help. We have professionals who not only specialize in finding the right wheel for our customer but also upgrading their vehicle to a bigger size without any issues. Whatever look a client is looking for we have it, whether its an off-road look, staggered, racing, luxurious or classic we got it all. Any questions or inquiries give us a call at (619) 286-2901 or text (213) 284-2271.

After Market Wheels
And Rim Repair

Damaged wheels can cause serious problems to a drivers vehicle and to others. Many damages include curb rashes, dents, bends, or cracks and can damage the vehicles alignment, struts, tire(s), reduce driving performance, cause blowouts, and affect tire balance. Some of these damages can be easily repaired but at times its recommended to replace the damaged wheel. Many OEM wheels are very expensive to replace. Luckily our shop has the best after market wheels for an affordable price. All of our wheels are made with the highest quality in the industry. Some of the brands we carry are JNC, Avid1, STR, Lexani, Forgiato, Dub, MRR, Borghini, Velocity, Versante, XXR, ESM, ESR, XD, and many more. We are always able to guide any customer through the process of purchasing wheels that match their best ideal of wheels they are looking for. If you have any question or inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

New Tires And Used Tires

Tires are a big part of a drivers everyday life and a motorist needs to do his/her part to make sure their tires are in perfect driving condition. Many tires can be unserviceable due to the neglect of the driver, but usually drivers have bigger things on their mind, so don’t blame yourself. This includes not inspecting tires for irregular wear, alignment, problems with suspension, improper balance, bruises, snags, cuts, nails, screws, adequate psi, or damages on the rims. Fortunately our shop inspects all of the above when being serviced at our location. Our store carries many name brand tires such as BFGoodrich, Falken, Goodyear, Kumho, Hankook, Federal, Toyo, Pirelli, Cooper and many more at an affordable price. We also have available high quality off-brand tires such as Jinyu, Gladiator, Lexani, Lionhart, Gerutti, Accelera, Winrun, Saffiro and many more for those customers with a tighter budget. No matter what you are looking for we got it! Here’s two links to show a driver the types of things they should be aware of when it comes to tires,

Tire Repair And Rotation

Many tires can easily repaired but there are exceptions. Many tires can be plugged or patched, either one works depending on the size of the damage. Tires are very delicate and are an extraordinary part of the vehicle. Its able to drive you from point A to point B and last you thousands of miles if properly taken care off. Although you can properly maintain your tires there are inevitable damages that can occur to those tires. A tire can be easily repaired if not under inflated, overinflated, driven flat on or punctured on the sidewall. These are the cases where the tire is a lost cause and is no longer repairable. For questions regarding your tires maintenance you can contact us anytime.

Fender Rolling

Back in the day people would roll a steel pipe or a baseball bat between the tire and the fender to prevent rubbing with wider tires, or a lowered car. Our facility uses a somewhat similar method, but is done much more efficiently and without any damage to the vehicle. Fender rolling is a new service we are providing for lowered cars or vehicles that need modification to fit wider rims or different tire size. This is a easy process that modifies the car without having to spend a lot or being dissatisfied with the look of your car.